James Saves the Moon : Wendy Nystrom

james coverTolkien meets Peter Pan. In this fanciful adventure with the sophistication of Jr. Tolkien but yet the whimsical properties of a children’s fantasy, Ms. Nystrom, delivers a beautiful mythological folklore for Iceland. The  legends  of Iceland we extremely well written and the perfect backdrop for the book.

James is a wonderful little boy and her characters, Syvok and Matt are excellent companions. They have a wonderful adventure that is sure to captivate the attention of all ages of audience.

Ms. Nystrom does a great job of elaborating on the personality of James, and the intelligence so that it fits well with the plot and story. I look forward to getting to know more about Syvok and Matt in the upcoming adventures.

The illustrations were excellent and created an ambiance that fit very well with the theme and flow of the book.

Great job and Look forward to reading more from this threesome.

–          July 19

–          Reviewed by – AB


My Life with Autism : Ethan Rice

My Life with Autism

What a treasure! This should available in every elementary school. An excellent book from the perspective of a child with autism.

It is a wonderfully accepting and understanding laced with honesty and truth that is incredible refreshing. I commend Anchor Group for finding such a treasure and hope this becomes a staple among homes. Children without autism should read this as well, to gain an understanding of their fellow classmate who have autism at a level that is written for their understanding.

I highly recommend this for all teachers.  Parochial schools should have a copy in every class room.

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Reviewed by AB – July 17

The Brown House : Sloat

The Brown House (The Visitors Series)

Christy Sloat (Author), Melissa Ringsted (Editor)


Suspenseful, well written and a truly updated ghost story that fits modern times.

In her second novel, Ms. Sloat, once again delvers  an excellent read. Her main characters are well developed and plot line is excellent. The story was well revealed and the side characters were well written. They drew out her characters and plot, without overshadowing the main point.

Ms. Sloat’s themes were eloquently woven together and she finished them off in an elegant bow. I look forward t more from Ms. Sloat and highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great ghost story to read over the summer.



Many Lives of Avery Snow : Sloat

The Many Lives of Avery Snow

By Christy Sloat
Published by Anchor Group

ISBN: 9780985266332
Short Description: Do you believe in reincarnation and a love that can last lifetimes?

I thoroughly enjoyed, Mrs. Sloat’s novel, “The Many Lives of Avery Snow”. It was intriguing from the first page. Mrs. Sloat does an excellent job with character and relationship development. The author draws you into the plot, where a young adult, Avery, begins to recall her previous lives and the meetings with her soul mate in each one. Avery starts to think she is hallucinating when Angels start appearing in her life and she starts having visions. Mrs. Sloat, does an excellent job of portraying the feelings and emotions that accompany the relationships in the books drawing the reader into the story. We wind up being caught in the ever present battle between good and evil.  She builds up to the climax with climbing anticipation, although I felt there was a little missing in some of the characters that showed up at the cabin. The final chapters, that tie everything together are well organized and compelling. They give a tremendous sense of satisfaction without compromising the plot or the point.

Overall I thought this is an excellent, easy read. Mrs. Sloat does a terrific job of integrating the powers of angels and demons, but could have expanded a little more on the psychic realms. Her novel stresses the concept of past lives, and everlasting love without over dramatizing or farfetched logic. Her characters are her strong point, as is her overall plot development.

Get your copy as soon as possible!

Reviewed on July 13 – AB


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Welcome! I’m so excited to be here. My author and friend introduced me to Anchor publishing and book reviews and I have gotten the opportunity to read some book by some phenomenal authors.

I wanted to share my experiences with others. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and they are helpful in your search for great reading material.

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