Giovanni’s Angel (The Eternal Curse Series)

Giovonni’s Angel         (Eternal Curse Series: Book 1)

By Toi Thomas

Wow! Great story, the perfect book for a bad day. If you are looking beautiful love story with some twists and turns you have found it. There is difficulty in any relationship and internet dating can be very scary, but this one starts out with more than a few problems. However the author thoroughly and expertly takes us through all the ups and downs of a new relationship, complicated by a few supernatural and of course emotional elements.

This is a well-developed, creative, wonderful modern day Hunchback of Notre Dame. However the author does a wonderful job of creating her characters and developing relationships between them, that we all dream of.

If I had to describe this love story in two words. Paranormally Elegant.

I can’t wait for book 2!

Review by AB – Nov 2012


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