Great to meet you Bobo!


Really wonderful book, full of cherished advice, rich stories, as well as humor. This is a terrific read for kids of all ages.  I had the privilege of meeting the author recently and he is a charming man who tells these stories to kids and makes them come to life. I watched as he entertained 100 kids and taught them how to bring their own stories to paper.

A truly talented author and poet stay tuned for more reviews on the Greatest Poet Alive.

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Wierd and wacky awesomeness

  New Amazon book by KB Carr

This is incredibly fascinating as well as entertaining! I loved it, so did my 12 year old and 49 year old husband !! It is a great read for all ages and full extremely interesting facts. It is well written in a clear concise manner that compels the reader on to the next no so exotic creature that could be living next door or 3000 miles away. 

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